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The market leader in Southern Germany: JAGEN UND FISCHEN in Augsburg with a record number of visitors again

It did not quite breach the 30,000 mark as a result of the hail on Saturday, but, nevertheless, just under 29,000 visitors did come to the prelude to the hunting and angling season at JAGEN UND...

New: Special Archery Shows

Inform, discuss, exchange and test.

The large special exhibition area will be THE gathering for the entire archery scene in southern Germany. From traditional archery to modern and technical archery up to accessories.                                                                                                                                                                              [more]


Please welcome Fisherman's Partner!

Please welcome Hunterman's Partner!

Please welcome Müller Schießzentrum Ulm GmbH & Co. KG!

We are looking forward to see Waffen Beer!

Also in 2017 we are looking forward to see the Augsburger Angelcenter!

Please welcome FRITZBOGEN!

Please welcome GASTON!

We are looking forward to see Jagen Fischen Natur / Jürgen Weber!

Please welcome Leica Camera AG!

Please welcome Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH!

We are looking forward to welcome Falkenholz-Bogendesign!

Please welcome AKM - Angel und Ködermarkt

Please welcome for open season 2017: Swarovski Optik!

Please welcome the H. Krieghoff GmbH

Also on board in 2017: ONLY Kumar Leather

We are looking forward to see Suzuki Deutschland GmbH!

2017 at open season in Augsburg: Prinz-Waffen

Attention exhibitors! Register until 15 May 2016 and get your the early-bookers discount!

Welcome Carl Zeiss Sportsoptics

We welcome Puma Knives as exhibitor in 2017

Warnung vor International Fairs Directory! Zur Zeit werden Aussteller gezielt angeschrieben, um ihnen irreführende Einträge in Messe- und Online-Verzeichnisse anzubieten. Diese Firma handelt nicht in unserem Auftrag!

Here are first pictures!

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