January 20–23, 2022 | Messe Augsburg

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The 2022 “Ladies Passion” seal

Your spotlight for the ladies

More and more ladies find their passion in the world of hunting, fishing, sport shooting and archery. The increasing demand for products especially for women is therefore no surprise. Nevertheless, the focus in these industries is clearly on the men's world, which makes it difficult for the ladies to find suitable products.
We would like to be supportive and therefore we will again offer our proven certificate “Ladies Passion” at JAGEN UND FISCHEN this year.


What is the „Ladies Passion“ seal?

The “Ladies Passion” seal certifies all products that have been specially developed for women. These can be a hunting weapon, fishing rod, bow and arrow, shooting glasses, fashionable functional clothing, traditional costumes and fur fashions as well as special services and information offers.


Why is the “Ladies Passion” certificate worthwhile?

We are expanding the “Ladies Passion” seal 2022 even further and strengthening the advertising campaigns on the various channels. To enable visitors to explore the special offers at the exhibition in a targeted manner, certified exhibitors will be highlighted with the “Ladies Passion” seal on the hall plan and specifically mentioned in the JAGEN UND FISCHEN exhibition guide.

They will also be listed on our social media platforms as well as on our website, thus increasing their presence at the exhibition.

You will also receive the “Ladies Passion” logo package, which you can use for your advertising purposes, and a “Ladies Passion” certificate, which visually indicates that special products for the ladies can be found at your stand.

Your advantages at a glance

Media attention
Marking of the stand at the exhibition
Presentation in the "JAGEN UND FISCHEN" exhibition guide
Mention on Social Media and our website



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