January 20–23, 2022 | Messe Augsburg

The meeting point for hunters, anglers
sport shooters and archers

Caution! Expo-Guide

Warning about Expo-Guide, FairExpo, FAIRGuide, Int. Fairs Directory & Co

Due to current incidents we have to point out that a number of exhibitors have been contacted by companies such as International Fairs Directory, FairExpo, CONNECT Publisher SC, INEXORG FAIRGUIDE.COM, Expo Guide, Construct Data Verlag AG, currently based in Mexico,  which are not in any relation with JAGEN UND FISCHEN or Messe Augsburg. We point out that "Expo Guide" and others are not official exhibitor directories. Again and again a large number of exhibitors have been called upon to conduct a comparison of company data for an "Expo-Guide" and to complete or correct this in an attached order form. In the covering letter it says that this is necessary to update the existing data in the list of exhibitors in order to enable customers to contact your company without any problems. Those complying with the request made in the "Expo-Guide" and others are entering into a three-year contract for the publication of their data. This contract will incur annual costs in excess of 1,000 €. You can see a specimen of how to reply to the invoices here.


Messe Augsburg
Am Messezentrum 5
86159 Augsburg



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Messe Augsburg