January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
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It will soon be that time again: JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023 will take place and is a perfect kick-off to the season

Preparations for the JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023 trade fair are in full swing - in less than two months Augsburg will once again be the place where tradition meets modernity! True to this motto, JAGEN UND FISCHEN not only has a new look, but will also provide some great attractions for visitors with new experiences, while also not forgetting the tried-and-tested popular classics.

The new design demonstrates in no uncertain terms what JAGEN UND FISCHEN is all about: traditional activities that have been anchored in our cultural history for centuries and adapted to our modern times, where they continue to inspire young and old alike. At JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023, hunters and anglers will show what contribution they make to nature conservation and sustainability.

Local natural treasure: the forest

One of the main themes of JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023 is the forest - both the Augsburg Hunters' Association (Jägervereinigung Augsburg e.V.) and the Augsburg Office of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (Amt für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten Augsburg - AELF) will be bringing the forest into the trade fair halls and invite visitors to discover it.

The world of hunting, which is organized by the hunters' association, you can marvel at the alluvial forest that grows up in the areas of a river landscape that are essentially regularly flooded; various types of vegetation emerge in an alluvial plain, depending on the height and duration of the flooding. In Augsburg, the alluvial forest is shaped by the Lech River and is home to around 3,000 different species, including 680 plant species, many of which are on red lists and extremely endangered - it also forms a part of a series of nature reserves that stretch from Augsburg to Landsberg and together form a unique and species-rich habitat in Central Europe. At JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023, visitors can discover, experience and get to know the alluvial forest and be amazed, also as close to nature as possible.

The AELF, on the other hand, is taking a journey through time to the forest of the future. Sustained above-average temperatures and a lack of rainfall are having a huge effect on native forests - this is changing the forest and the tree species that live in it. On the climate trail, visitors can experience the development away from withering spruces to stable mixed forests to ever greater proportions of lesser-known guest tree species - and not only observe the change on 600 potted ball plants, but also hear how this change in habitat affects wildlife and bird species. The question posed by the AELF is: can we overcome these challenges and, more importantly, where is this journey leading for the forest of the future? Visitors to JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023 can experience this in an impressive presentation.

These and other attractions are complemented by traditional crafts: engravers, leather makers, knife makers and horn painters invite visitors to look over their shoulders as they work and demonstrate their activities, which are still relevant today.

A fascinating animal kingdom: underwater worlds

The fishing experience is organized by the Swabia Fishing Association (Fischereiverband Schwaben e.V.) and the fisheries advisory service of the district of Swabia. The main topics are "Fish as food" and "Watercourses in climate change” and other highlights include, as always, the aquarium worlds. This is where visitors can admire most of the species in the Swabian underwater world, from eel to pikeperch - approx. 40 of the 78 native fish, lamprey, crab and bivalve mollusk species will be on display at JAGEN UND FISCHEN. Several invasive species will also be shown, such as the stone moroko, round goby, and the freshwater sleeper. All the fish are displayed in their natural environment, and each aquarium therefore represents a different region where the fish are found: from the absolute source areas or headwaters of the flowing waters to the very species-rich bream region or the species communities in the native still waters.

The development of the fish from egg to hatchling is also shown "live" in hatching troughs, and visitors can thus not only see freshly hatched mini fish with their yolk sac, but also experience at first hand how the Swabian fishery farm in Salgen breeds endangered fish species which are then transferred to associations and cooperatives via the fish breeders as part of species assistance programs to preserve endangered species in Swabian waters.

Great anticipation: the classics

We won't forget the popular classics of past years, of course, and are again a crucial part of JAGEN UND FISCHEN:

  • The hunting and fishing forum – lectures and panel discussions on various topics, discussions with experts and the combination of information and experience create a very special atmosphere for visitors. 
  • The bird of prey flight show – elegant hunters of the sky showcase their skills once daily in the outdoor exhibition grounds of the Messe Augsburg, and invite you to marvel and admire their aeronautical artistry. 
  • Hunting dogs – they’re not only man's best friend, but also great, four-pawed all-rounders: regardless of the type of hunting, there will be a breed of dog that will be expert in it! More than 50 different hunting dog breeds and types will be shown at JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023, along with information on training.
  • Hunting horn blowers – JAGEN UND FISCHEN 2023 will again be accompanied by the hunting horn blowers, who will not only play at the opening and at their concert on Sunday at 1:00 pm, but will also be moving around the halls during the entire trade fair to entertain the visitors.

Advance tickets are already available, so that visitors who want to avoid long queues at the ticket booths can quickly and easily purchase their tickets online. Tickets are still available at the attractive early-bird discount price until December 15, 2022.

The next JAGEN UND FISCHEN expo will be held from January 13-15, 2023.

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