January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
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Opening with H.R.H. Prince Wolfgang of Bavaria and Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger, Augsburg's urban streams in the fishermen's focus

Augsburg's spectacular stream and canal system, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019, will be the focus of information by the Swabian Fishing Association e.V. Regional sport shooters will be engaged in exciting comparative fights during the trade fair weekend. The interesting lectures, demonstrations and discussions in the anglers' forum, at the hunting dogs, but also on the show stage offer one highlight after the other. It definitely pays off to plan your visit to the fair from 16 to 19 January 2020 using the JAGEN UND FISCHEN online fair guide. 



His Royal Highness Prince Wolfgang of Bavaria will open the 23rd JAGEN UND FISCHEN on Thursday, 16 January 2020, on the large stage in Hall 5. Thomas Schmidt-Tancredi, as Managing Director of Messe Augsburg, will welcome the numerous exhibitors and visitors. Visitors can look forward with anticipation to the speeches on the topics of forests, game and fisheries in times of climate change, which are sure to be emotional. The keynote speakers will be Hubert Aiwanger, State Minister for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, Dr. Erhard Jauch, Chief Executive of the Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg e.V., Christian Kühn, 1st State Shooting Champion of the Bavarian Shooting Association, Martin Sailer, District Administrator for the District of Augsburg and Hans Joachim Weirather, President of the Fischereiverband Schwaben e.V. The traditional musical accompaniment to the opening programme will be provided by the Horrido Augsburg e.V. hunting horn blowers.


Augsburg's city streams - UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 2019, the unique "Augsburg Water Management System" was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Augsburg's city forest contains a network of spring creeks and Lech channels around 70 kilometres long, making it one of the largest and most species-rich nature reserves in Bavaria. The water of the spring creeks is very clean and rich in oxygen and served the city for centuries as drinking water. The ten Lech canals are man-made streams and are fed with Lech water. They once served as a means of transport and disposal, but also as motive power. Because the water levels can be regulated, the Lech canals are still an ideal habitat for juvenile fish today, as no flood events carry away eggs or just-hatched fish here.

The Mühlkoppe, a fish that has become rare in Bavaria, lives in the headwater streams of Augsburg's city forest. It feels absolutely at home in the Höhlgraben, the Großer Ölbach and the Brunnenbach, which was very important for the production of drinking water in the Middle Ages. The barbel is very common in the canal system because it is well protected from cormorants here. Trout are also currently part of the fish population. Until the middle of the 19th century, Augsburgers could buy live fish and crayfish kept in fish boxes behind the Barfüßerkirche from the city fishermen. Even more exciting historical events about the life of the Augsburg fishermen are revealed in the exhibition contribution of the Swabian Fishing Association in Hall 7.

In total, Augsburg's entire canal system covers around 160 kilometres. When the canals are drained for cleaning, sometimes the most curious rubbish finds come to light, such as shopping trolleys or, in 2016, even a rifle with a telescopic sight. The former owner must have treated himself to a better piece at JAGEN UND FISCHEN.

The European Union's LIFE funding programme is now to be used to ecologically upgrade the streams in the city forest. The restoration of passability between Lake Mandicho and the Hochablass is planned. Other goals include providing the watercourses with more structural richness and a direct connection to the Lech. "This can create new habitat, especially for the nase and the huchen, which disappeared with the beginning of the Lech obstruction in the 20th century due to the loss of riparian dynamics," hopes Ulrich Krafczyk, managing director of the Fischereiverbands Schwaben e.V. The Augsburg fishing clubs have leased parts of the city canals and leave them to nature. The fishermen only intervene if this is necessary when draining the canals - and attention is always paid to the availability of residual water.


Comparative match of the sport shooters

In Hall 4 on the Saturday of the fair, exciting comparative matches between different sport shooting teams will be held. The southern German professional shooters and Bundesliga teams Singoldschützen from Großaitingen will compete against the Bundesliga team Auerhahn from Steinberg in the pistol and air rifle disciplines. At the state league level, a mixed team from the Augsburg district competes against the Eichenlaub team from Saltendorf. Here, the atmosphere is pure competition to watch and cheer along, and during the final shootings, the bullets buzz through the air of the exhibition hall, which is already vibrating with tension.

The joint stand of the Southern German Shooting Associations, represented by the Bavarian Shooting Association, the Upper Palatinate Shooting Association, the Badische Schützenjugend e.V. and the Gau Augsburg, will provide the right information on training methods for young shooters and the latest changes in weapons legislation. Olympic and Bundesliga shooters Lisa Unruh, Barbara Engleder and Monika Karsch will be present at the joint stand at various times, handing out autographs, being available for photos and also happy to share their experiences and professional tips.


Highlights throughout all halls - Schaubühne

Hunting in transition: On the opening day, representatives of the state hunting associations, forestry administrations, wildlife biologists and hunting scientists are invited to a panel discussion on the topic of hunting in transition and the associated challenges of the future on the big stage at 1.30 pm. The Netflix for hunters, called JÄGER Prime, is presented daily by Jahr Verlag with fascinating hunting films. On Saturday at 2 p.m., experienced female hunters from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria will present the Ladies Passion products, specially made for women and certified by the JAGEN UND FISCHEN trade fair, live on stage. Lure hunting professional Klaus Weisskirchen will have the entire domestic game, from the roaring red deer to the overrun, jump acoustically onto the stage every day. The advantages of the digital game tag are part of the stage programme at the weekend. Visitors will learn about the responsibility of hunters in dealing with social media in a lecture by Sophia Lorenzoni, public relations officer at the Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg. On Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m., there will be a hunter talk on the show stage together with invited guests and the editor-in-chief of Jäger magazine, Dr Lucas von Bothmer.


Night on the Range, special Dogs and the LJV Baden-Württemberg

Thanks to the participation of the Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg e.V., hunters from this federal state are now also well represented. All partners of the LJV will be on board at the fair and will provide advice on the many benefits of membership. For the first time, the Jagd-Natur-Wildtierschützerverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. is joining forces with the Bayerischer Jagdaufseherverband e.V. Both associations will jointly present their interesting range of further training courses to the hunting community.

It is night, also in parts of the Augsburg Hunters' Association (Jägervereinigung Augsburg e.V.) exhibition area, and a unique opportunity to follow the tracks of the nocturnal native fauna. At the special hunting show you can discover who is actually out and about in the forest at night. Tracks and trails reveal who has already slept in the evening, which large predators are driven by hunger and who likes to take a wallow in the moonlight.

The focus of the presentation by the Jagdgebrauchshundeverein Augsburg e.V. (Augsburg Hunting Dog Club) (JGV) this year is the "burrow dogs". The breeds used for this purpose are mainly dachshunds and terriers. In order to make the dogs fit for the construction work, experience is needed and this can be achieved most easily by practising in a so-called Schliefanlage. The daily presentation of this special dog work is made possible by a replica of the predator's "cauldron", which provides a live view of the action via a lid. Furthermore, visitors can expect to see around 50 different breeds and types of hunting dogs. For the first time, the breeds Basset Fauve de Bretagne and the Epagneul Picard, also from France, will be present.

Beauty and elegance are the order of the day at the daily flight shows presented by falconer Wolfgang Schreyer with his birds of prey in the open-air area of the JAGEN UND FISCHEN fair. With a bit of luck, the young golden eagle Terzel will not only be present once a day on the show stage at the bird of prey presentation, but will also take to the skies of Augsburg with its large wings.


The Prince-Principle

The master gunsmith Prinz from the Allgäu region is presenting its brand new innovative double rifle at JAGEN UND FISCHEN. Master gunsmith Oswald Prinz transferred the principle of the tilt-barrel rifle No.1 to the double rifle No.2. The drop-wedge lock design, newly interpreted in the double rifle, makes the fine difference when it comes to the highest shooting precision. The large double-row locking surface ensures absolutely perfect interaction of all components. The chrome-molybdenum steel used for the system case, hook piece and bolt is manufactured and nitrided using the latest technology, which prevents any material distortion due to thermal expansion. The carrier tubes of the barrel bundle also ensure free swinging and increase precision even further. An absolutely sensational and extremely resilient hunting gem, even with large calibres. And certainly the number one in the gun cabinet, even though the Prinz company gave this double rifle the nickname No.2. Disassembly without tools is easy for travel or transport. Even a barrel or calibre change can be realised with little effort due to the modular construction. The exclusive stock wood and the individual stock shape are freely selectable and thus user-defined custom-made products that can already be selected at JAGEN UND FISCHEN.


Up-to-date professional knowledge for anglers

The anglers' forum with renowned experts as well as the professional mile with workshops, product innovations and competent advice offer plenty of novelties and the latest knowledge in the fishing hall. The spacious indoor fly-fishing casting zone fascinates with elegant casting techniques from renowned specialists as well as personal guidance and simply makes you want to learn this special kind of fishing. The otter, its increasing spread in Bavaria, and the drastic effects this has on pond management are the subject of the exhibition contribution by the fisheries advisory service in the district of Swabia. The fishing youth of the Fischereiverbands Schwaben e.V. can earn their fishing diploma. Species knowledge, knot knowledge and casting exercises on the casting surface are the three examination disciplines. On Saturday, 18 January, at 3.00 p.m. in Hall 7 at the stand of the Swabian Fishing Association (Schwäbischer Fischereiverband e.V.), the regulars' table for fisherwomen and hunters will be held as part of the Ladies Passion label. At what is now the third joint regulars' table, the focus will be on an exciting exchange of knowledge and experience in a relaxed atmosphere, in keeping with the motto "Together for flora and fauna".


Aiming for the AUGSBOW

From 18 to 19 January 2020, the AUGSBOW will attract top-class archers and their marksmanship at the Bavarian Bow WA Indoor Championships, hunting with bow and arrow and many new exhibitors. Hobby, sport and hunting archers can look forward to BogenSportWelt, Bogensportzentrum Breitenstein, Beier Distribution GmbH, Perfekt Archery Distribution GmbH, Bogenbau Hohenreiter, Horse Gear Innovations KG, Fritzbogen and other well-known companies from the archery sector as well as a wide range of accessories including specialist magazines and archery trips. Information on modern bowhunting will be provided by the German Bowhunting Association (DBJV). Helge Clauß, media coordinator at the DBJV, describes this impressive form of hunting as absolutely animal-friendly, due to the great technical developments in the last 50 years. Anyone who wants to can try their hand at the stand and emulate the professionals who demonstrate their marksmanship several times a day in the 3D course that has been set up. Uwe Beier, co-organiser of the AUGSBOW and Managing Director of Beier Distribution GmbH, is expecting not only a strong-buying public from all over Germany, but also from neighbouring Switzerland and Austria.

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