January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
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Continuing on the road to success: over 37,600 visitors and many delighted exhibitors set an impressive benchmark this year

Augsburg, January 21, 2020: the 2020 JAGEN UND FISCHEN trade fair surpassed the previous year in every respect. Southern Germany's most successful expo for hunting, fishing as well as sport and amateur shooting and archery closed on January 19, 2020 with 370 exhibitors, 5,000 square meters of additional space and 7% more visitors compared to 2019! The expanded concept of the AUGSBOW was enthusiastically received by exhibitors and visitors alike.

A major attraction in Southern Germany

The future also looks incredibly positive; for the first time, the two hunting associations from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria closed the show together. Dr. Erhard Jauch, General Manager of the Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. (Baden-Württemberg state hunting association) was extremely happy with the enthusiastic response, the crowds of visitors from Baden-Württemberg, the organization, the fascinating exchanges and efficient coordination with the Bayerischer Jagdverband e.V. (Bavarian hunting association).

Over 100 exhibitors registered for 2021 at this year’s fair. “We had a large number of very interested visitors to the stand, and the JAGEN UND FISCHEN show is growing every year and attracting more visitors and exhibitors”, is how Oswald Prinz explained his reason for signing up early for 2021. Maximilian Scherrle from the Ulm-based company Krieghoff was amazed by the top-class crowd and the absorbing discussions, and will also be attending again next year.


The traditional spectacular shows of the partners and associations once again proved a highlight not only for hunters and anglers, but for families and nature-lovers too. The Augsburger Jägervereinigung e.V. (Augsburg hunters association) lured visitors to the fascinating world of the night forest with its active, and often shy, residents. The special exhibition by the anglers featured exciting local fish species in large exhibition tanks. Visitors were also able to enjoy the sight of an otter making its new home. Another central theme was the famous canals and streams in the city of Augsburg, which were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019. The angler’s certificate proved extremely popular, and fly fishermen rediscovered their passion for this special angling sport during casting demonstrations, with many brave visitors also trying it out. “Our target audience was definitely very interested in our products at the show, which is why I’m pretty sure we’ll be back again next year”, said Julian Kellermann from Umarex.

The first Ladies’ Passion fashion show attracted more customers to the stands of numerous exhibitors and Sebastian Woestmeyer, Marketing Manager of JÄGER magazine and Jäger Prime, was amazed at the inrush. This prompted him to offer the project team the media partnership and the organization of the stage events again for the 2021 event.

The cooking demonstrations provided by the game and fish chefs thrilled visitors with culinary delights, while the Böller gun shooters und hunting horn players provided an impressive acoustic backdrop, and the demonstrations of the hunting dogs being put through their paces in hall 4 were packed out. The hunters were surprised at the diversity and number of families at the fair. Birds of prey were admired at the flying show both on the stage and at the falconer’s stand. The renowned experts in the angling forum attracted extremely attentive audiences and a forum that was permanently full to capacity.

Sport shooters and archers

The Oberpfälzer Schützenbund e.V. (Upper Palatinate shooting association) and the Badische Sportschützenverband e.V. (Baden sport shooting association) attended the fair for the first time, and both Franz Brunner, President of the Oberpfälzer Schützenbund and Dominic Merz, the regional youth leader of the Badische Sportschützenbund e.V., were thrilled with their first show, praising the excellent organization. These two associations will now join forces with the Bayerischer Sportschützenbund e.V. (Bavarian sport shooting association) and the Gau Augsburg, an association of sports shooters in Augsburg, to develop this event further.

A final of the Bayerische Meisterschaften Bogen (Bavarian archery championships) of the Olympic disciplines men’s and women’s recurve and the men’s and women’s compound event was held in the hall for the first time. Two national records were set here by the women’s compound team as well as in the individual competition in the compound youth class. On the Sunday of the fair, archers in the master, senior, junior and youth classes gave an archery demonstration with traditional, recurve and compound bows, where around 500 of the best archers in Bavaria took part and entertained the enthusiastic spectators. All the officials and the ‘1. Landesschützenmeister’ (top national shooting master) Christian Kühn from the Bayerischer Sportschützenbund e.V. were impressed not only by the faultless organization, but also by the enthralled crowds of spectators. The Oberpfälzer Schützenbund with the ‘Eichenlaub’ (oak leaf) team from Saltendorf (1. Bundesliga Luftgewehr (national league division 1, air rifle)) and the ‘Auerhahn’ (wood grouse) team from Steinberg (2. Bundesliga Luftpistole (national league division 2, air pistol)) entered two strong sides into the competition in hall 4, where spectators enjoyed the thrill of looking at close proximity over the shoulders of the competitors as they took aim.

AUGSBOW trade fair

The exhibitors in the arched hall were overwhelmed by the number of visitors at the weekend and were extremely pleased. “The great feature of AUGSBOW is that it attracts large numbers of visitors who are eager to buy products and so our turnover increases year on year. For us, AUGSBOW is the most profitable archery fair in terms of sales in the German-speaking regions”, said a delighted Uwe Beier from Beier Distribution. Helge Clauß, Media Coordinator at the Deutscher Bogenjagd Verband e.V. (German bow hunting association) was very impressed by the large number of interested visitors and he too was very pleased with his association’s first appearance at the show.

The next JAGEN UND FISCHEN expo will be held from January 21-24, 2021.

More comments from exhibitors

"We were delighted! Everything just works like clockwork here, including the organization."
Beatrix Bauer and Patrick Schmidt, Frankonia

"JAGEN UND FISCHEN is our most important trade fair in Southern Germany of the year. We were completely satisfied again this year, and are certainly coming back in 2021."
Uli Beyer, Angel-Ussat

"We are completely satisfied, and the show is extremely well organized."
Philipp Cachée, Nitehog

"The customers were wonderful, the location was good and the sales were great! We’re very happy."
Georg Mandryka, STORM MG

"We’ve already signed up for 2021, because we’re so satisfied with how the whole show is run."
Tom A. Kemmler, AKM Angel- und Ködermarkt

"The visitors were fantastic, we’re utterly thrilled and couldn’t be more satisfied."
Markus Kunter, Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School

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