January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
January 17 – 19, 2025 | Messe Augsburg Experience nature.
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Hunting exhibition sector

Experience all aspects of hunting in Augsburg

Shopping in the exhibition halls: The hunting exhibition sector is the largest section of the marketplace for enthusiastic hunters and nature lovers. Shop, network, experience – here you will find a wide range of weapons, hunting equipment and tools.

Program highlights in the hunting sector

The hunting world of experience with a large nature trail on the subject of the Augsburg alluvial forest - organised by the Augsburg Hunters' Association.
Here you will learn everything about hunting training, nature and wildlife conservation.

Bavarian female hunters
In the exhibition "the food chain of wild animals", the Bavarian female hunters present the role of wild animals in the food chain.

Bird of prey shows and flight demonstrations in the outdoor exhibition grounds
Marvel at the "elegant hunters of the sky" during our flight demonstrations.

Presentations and discussions in the hunting forum
Listen to some fascinating presentations and discussions with experts.

Hunting horn players
Musical accompaniment during the fair and a concert on Sunday by the Horrido Augsburg.

The forest of the future
See how our native forests are changing due to climate change and how clever hunting management can help the forest.

Second-hand weapons exchange
Over 100 weapons in all types and price ranges presented and inspected by Waffen Beer.

Przie campaign from ZEISS
Test the ZEISS thermal imaging devices and experience thermal imaging technology directly at booth B17 in hall 2 – with a bit of luck, you could win a ZEISS DTC 3/38 thermal imaging attachment.

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Presentations and worlds of experience

This exhibition sector is surrounded by diverse worlds of experience presented by the various associations, and includes everything on the topic of hunting and nature and animal conservation. You will also learn some interesting facts and info from the hunting sector at the exciting presentations. The hunting exhibition sector is a highlight for all hunters, nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and children!

Range of products and services for the hunting sector

  • Weapons and optics

    • View finders
    • Log cabins / timber houses
    • Barrel inserts
    • Traps
    • Binoculars / night sights
    • Shotguns
    • Gas and signal cartridges
    • Gas-operated weapons
    • Flare pistols
    • Used weapons
    • Rifles
    • Large caliber weapons
    • Small caliber weapons
    • Combined weapons
    • Air guns
    • Magazines / ammunition / cartridges
    • Knives
    • Revolvers / pistols
    • Stock / unmachined stock
    • Spotting aids
    • Muzzleloaders
    • Gun engraving
    • Weapon grips
    • Gun chest / safes
    • Gun care
    • Rifle cupboards
    • Reloaders
    • Telescopic sights
  • Hunting equipment

    • Alpenstocks
    • Falconry / accessories
    • Forestry and accessories
    • Raised hides / construction
    • Material for raised hides
    • Holsters / linings
    • Load carrying systems
    • Hunting lodge
    • Hunting jewellery
    • Hunting schools
    • Hunting rooms
    • Cooling systems and equipment
    • Bait
    • Hunting maps
    • Protection against vermin
    • Protection against game animals
    • Animal food / feeding equipment
    • Taxidermy
    • Plastic containers
    • Shooting boxes
    • Bird protection equipment
    • Protection of game and the natural environment
    • Seed store for land / set aside for game
    • Game trays
    • Road signs warning drivers about game / accident prevention
    • Boning and carving
    • Fencing
  • Technical equipment and tools

    • Workbenches
    • Range finder
    • Forestry tools
    • Two-way radios
    • Ear protection
    • GPS / GIS
    • Tending tools
    • Lamps / pocket torch / headlamp
    • Mobile radio units
    • Power saws
    • Position finders
    • Smoker ovens
    • Abrasive materials and sharpeners
    • Steel goods
    • Statives
    • Vacuum soldering equipment / accessories
    • Tree protectors
    • Thermal imaging camera
    • Tools
    • Wild cameras
    • Cutting up and handling game

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