January 13–15, 2023 | Messe Augsburg Tradition meets modernity
January 13–15, 2023 | Messe Augsburg Tradition meets modernity
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Hunting dogs exhibition sector

Watch these ‘hunting helpers’ in action!

The focus on hunting dogs at the exhibition remains highly popular, and is growing bigger every year. The special hunting dog show will showcase over 50 different hunting dog breeds and types. The breeding associations will not only be exhibiting their dogs, but will also show them off in ‘Pfostenschauen’, which are shows that determine and assess the conformation, gait and general appearance.

Program highlights in the hunting dogs sector

Special hunting dog show
Get to know the various breeds

Dog show
See the dogs in action

Terrier / burrow dog demonstration
Watch the dogs tackle a special course

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Get to know the different dog breeds and learn how to train a hunting dog. Our popular terrier (‘burrow dog’) demonstrations are back, where you can see the dogs in action.

Range of products and services in the hunting dogs sector

  • Collars / leashes
  • Dog training
  • Kennels and dog runs
  • Dog medication
  • Dog nutrition / pet food
  • Dog care products
  • Dog accessories

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